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  1. Y2-160L-4-15KW three-phase asynchronous motor
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Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors

Cangzhou Jidong Motor Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers, it is located in Gongyi City, Henan Province Shibata Development Zone, geographical advantages, the production of three-phase asynchronous motors are in line with the national 3C certification, the national standard copper motor

Y2-160L-4-15KW three-phase asynchronous motor ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ℃. Minimum temperature of -15 ℃, altitude not exceeding 1000m, work is continuous (S1), suitable for driving without special requirements of various machinery and equipment. High efficiency compared with Y series motor starting torque, improve the degree of protection (IP54), to improve the insulation grade, F grade insulation, according to B-level assessment, ([1] In addition to all the specifications according 315L2-2,4,355 Class F external assessment) to reduce the noise (with load noise assessment), motor novel and beautiful appearance, the structure is more reasonable. Its power level and mounting dimensions and the same Y series motor, in full compliance with IEC standards.

Y2-160L-4-15KW three-phase asynchronous motors before use Notes:

(1) with 500 megger, measure the motor phase and ground insulation resistance, its value can not be less than 0.5 megohms. Otherwise, it must be dried until the arrival requirements, can be used.

(2) Check the power supply voltage is consistent with the nameplate

(3) Check the parts are complete, whether there is loosening fasteners. ʱ??

(4) Turn the rotor by hand to listen whether there is friction and other internal noise, whether bearing rotatably.

Y2-160L-4-15KW three-phase asynchronous motor specific technical parameters are as follows:

型号额定功率满 载 时堵转电流堵转转矩最大转矩
(r/min) (A) (%) (cos)Ist/INTst/TNTM/TN
同步转速 1500转/分 rpm

 此电机有B3卧式 立式


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