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  1. Y2-160M-4-11kw three-phase asynchronous motor
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Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors

Y2 series is used in machinery, textile, printing, processing and other machinery, no special drivers required mechanical equipment, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, food machinery and other industries, y2 series meets the IEC standards, Y series motor, as its enclosure rating of IP54, cooling method is IC41l, continuous duty (S1). Class F insulation, temperature rise class B appraisal (except 315L2-2,4,355 all specifications according to F-class assessment outside), and requested the noise assessment load index.

Y2 series motors rated voltage is 380V, rated frequency is 50Hz. Power 3kwt below the Y connection, other power are △ connection.

        Working environment: altitude location does not exceed the motor is running 1000m; ambient air temperature changes with the seasons, but not more than 40 ℃; minimum ambient air temperature is -15 ℃; the wettest month average maximum relative humidity of 90%; while the month The average minimum temperature is not higher than 25 ℃.

型号额定功率满 载 时堵转电流堵转转矩最大转矩
(r/min) (A) (%) (cos)Ist/INTst/TNTM/TN
同步转速 1500转/分 rpm

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