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  1. Y2-132M-4-7.5kw three-phase asynchronous motor
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Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors


Cangzhou Jidong Electric Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful historical and cultural city of Gongyi, is a production developed motors, three-phase induction motor, electromagnetic speed motor, lifting motor, Y series motors and other professional manufacturers.

I plant strong technical force, advanced production equipment, production of motor has a high efficiency, high starting torque, low noise, reasonable machinery structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, low cost, etc., for large, medium and small businesses can apply.

At the same time I can be based on user needs to transform various motors. Services to track service-oriented, to ensure that the best interests of customers, over the years, relying on the excellent quality of our products quality service has won the favor of customers, products sold throughout the country, by virtue of the high level of R & D team and rich manufacturing experience.

Depending on the quality of life for the enterprise, we have a strict quality management system. Over the years the company has always been to technological innovation, quality service, honesty, sincerity, for the principle.

General manager of the company with the staff solemnly pledge to you: the quality, reputation, enthusiastic service is the only purpose of my company, all the cadres and employees of the company warmly welcome the new and old customers, visit our friends, business negotiations. Tel 0317-6830630 Mobile 13333172865 Website

       Y2-132M-4-7.5KW three-phase asynchronous motors protection class IP54, improved insulation levels, this material is used for the cold-rolled silicon steel, magnetic materials Y series motors are used for hot-rolled silicon steel sheet,

       Y2-132M-4-7.5KW three-phase asynchronous motor Model meaning: "Y2" indicates asynchronous motor second modified design, "132" represents a high center, "M" indicates the length of the frame number is moderate base " 4 "indicates the number of poles. 7.5KW motor power

Motor allowable ambient temperature conditions: -15 ℃ ≤0≤40 ℃

Use coolant temperature does not exceed + 40 ℃

Altitude: not more than 1000 m

Frequency: 50HZ 60HZ

Y2-132M-4-7.5KW three-phase asynchronous motor specific technical parameters are as follows:

型号额定功率满 载 时堵转电流堵转转矩最大转矩
(r/min) (A) (%) (cos)Ist/INTst/TNTM/TN
同步转速 1500转/分 rpm

  • Cangzhou Jidong Motor Co., Ltd.It is a Chinese professionalMotors, three-phase asynchronous motor, Y series three-phase asynchronous motor,It is excellent suppliers in China! Welcome to inquire, Tel:86-13082198873

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