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  1. Y132S-4-5.5KW Motor
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Y series three-phase asynchronous motor

Cangzhou Jidong Motor Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing motors three-phase induction motor y series motor lifting motor YCT speed motor, the motor if you need to know the price can contact our hotline, Jidong motor is a research and production, sales and maintenance as one of the three phase asynchronous motor manufacturers, transport facilities, ideally located hub area of China's railways - Cangzhou

   Cangzhou Jidong Motor Co. flattery principle of unity efficient and pragmatic and innovative ideas, adhere to honesty and credibility, the introduction of advanced production technology and modern management philosophy of customer service

   5.5KW three-phase asynchronous motors use:

   5.5KW three-phase asynchronous motors mainly used in textile printing machinery and other machinery

   5.5KW three-phase asynchronous motors Features:

   Installation is simple, high efficiency, energy saving and full compliance with national standards IEC loss is small, durable and handsome in appearance, high efficiency and low noise. Starting torque large

   5.5KW three-phase asynchronous motor parameters:

   Voltage 380V Frequency 50HZ or 60HZ Cooling IC411 power 5.5KW Installation: Vertical Horizontal

  • Cangzhou Jidong Motor Co., Ltd.It is a Chinese professionalMotors, three-phase asynchronous motor, Y series three-phase asynchronous motor,It is excellent suppliers in China! Welcome to inquire, Tel:86-13082198873

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