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  1. Y2-180M-4 18.5KW three-phase asynchronous motors
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Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors

Y series Motors Features

One: It focused on the advanced skills at home and abroad, is the consistent planning of new products.

II: high efficiency, energy saving, high starting torque, low noise, high reliability, long life and other advantages. Apparatus scale and power levels fully fit IEC specifications. Choose B class insulation, enclosure protection rating of IP44, cooling method is IC411.

y series motor, motor parameters: extra voltage is 380V, an additional frequency is 50Hz, 3kW and below as "Y" connection, 4kW above as "△" connection.

Y series motor high efficiency, energy saving, high stall torque, low noise, vibration small, safe and reliable operation.

Y80 ~ 315 motor fit Y series (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor skills conditions JB / T9616-1999. Y355 fit Y series motor (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor skills condition JB5274-91. Y80 ~ 315 motor selection B grade insulation. Y355 Motor Selection F grade insulation. Additional voltage is 380V, the additional frequency 50Hz. Power 3kW and below the Y-connection; other power are △ connection.

y series motor using environment Note:

Elevation motor operating location does not exceed 1000m; ambient air temperature with the seasons change, but does not exceed 40 ℃; minimum ambient air temperature is -15 ℃; the wettest month average maximum relative humidity of 90%; together with the monthly average minimum temperature not more than 25 ℃.

y series motor parameters:

型号额定功率满 载 时堵转电流堵转转矩最大转矩
(r/min) (A) (%) (cos)Ist/INTst/TNTM/TN
同步转速 1500转/分 rpm

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